Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Drinking Out of Cups - My Favorite Memes

There are certain odd videos and e-mails that come along every once in a while and become wildly popular overnight - "going viral" is the popular term. I am not sure just what it is about this one, but it bears watching, and re-watching,and lots of quoting (NSFW):

The popular myth is that the vocal track was a recording of someone on LSD and locked in closet, but the truth is that Dan Deacon, an electronic musician originally from Long Island, NY, recorded the track for his 2003 album, Meetle Mice, while channel-surfing and reacting to the changing channels. In 2006, Liam Lynch decided to add the animation, and once posted on YouTube, "Drinking Out Of Cups" has gone on to garner over 13 million views!

Not my chair - not my problem, that's what I say!

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