Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tweetdeck - Desktop Twitter Client Review

Tweetdeck has long been one of the most popular Twitter clients on the iPhone and iPad - new client apps for these two devices are being re-written from the ground up and coming soon, according to the web site.  It has variants available for Android and Chrome, and is currently beta-testing a web-based client.  On top of all of these versions, one of the most-requested releases is now a reality - Tweetdeck for Desktops.

Tweetdeck's greatest strength is its ability to organize tweets and other social messages into groups and display them as columns, bringing some structure to the stream-of-consciousness that is Twitter.  These columns can be based on groups of people you follow, searches, or filters.  With the added screen real estate of a desktop, Tweetdeck becomes that much more powerful.  Beyond just centralizing and organizing your Twitter feed (or feeds if you have multiple accounts), it also allows you to integrate Facebook status messages, FourSquare Check-ins, LinkedIn, Google Buzz and more.

Tweetdeck does allow you to isolate and track any mention of you by other users, retweets of your tweets, and direct messages coming your way, but it is not just for consumption - it also helps you to compose messages, allowing you to schedule them for later publishing, and to interact with messages in your social stream via actions like Retweet, Like and Favorite.

Tweetdeck for Desktops is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux as it is distributed as an Adobe Air application.  While my experience with other Air apps has been mixed, I have found Tweetdeck to be fairly solid and responsive.  If you have used Tweetdeck on other platforms and wished you had the same capabilities on your desktop, your wishes are granted.  If you have yet to try Tweetdeck, and use one or more social messaging services, it's worth your time to give it a try.  All Tweetdeck apps are free.

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