Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bose Companion 3 Series II Speakers - Review

Bose speakers have an excellent reputation for sound quality and range, and this set is an excellent way to bring that sound to your computer, portable device or home media center.  The Companion 3 set includes a sub-woofer, known as the "Acoustimass Module", two compact full-range speakers and a "Multi-Function Control Pod".
Setup is a snap connect the remote and speakers to the Acoustimass Module, and a standard mini-jack cable to your computer or other audio source, plug in the power and you are ready to go.  The sound is incredible, with deep bass and clear mid and high-range - it really fills the room.  There is no comparison to standard computer speakers - these are definitely Bose.

The Multi-Function Control Pod is a volume control that is tethered to the the Acoutimass Module with a 6-foot cable.  The control has a dial around the exterior to select volume, and a touch-pad in the center for muting.  While not having a wireless remote can be seen as a drawback, the remote pod also includes a headphone jack and a port to connect another audio source, such as an iPod.  Since all of the audio sources I have used these speakers with have their own remote, this has not been an issue for me.

I highly recommend this speaker system for your computer or even for your home media center.  In addition to bringing Bose quality in a complete speaker set, they are also a great value.  I was able to purchase them on special at NewEgg.com - they list on a daily basis at $229, but have been available as a "Daily Shell Shocker Deal" as low as $159:

While these speakers don't have the depth, power or range of a full surround-sound system, they have impressive sound for the size and price, and are a perfect "companion" for your computer system.

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