Friday, March 11, 2011

No Agenda - Podcast of the Week

It's time to focus on my favorite podcast - No Agenda, with Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak, also known as Crackpot and the Buzzkill. 

Dvorak is famous for his PC Magazine columns and appearances on This Week In Tech, known for a cynical take on the latest tech news.  In No Agenda, he is able to display the large scope of his knowledge, and plays Scully to Curry's alien-embracing Mulder.

Adam Curry is one of the original MTV VJ's,  but he has been very busy since then, pioneering Podcasting (he is known as the Podfather), and working with several internet media startups.  He is the show's conspiracy theorist, bringing topics like chemtrails and alien visitations to the conversation.  He also has an extensive knowledge of politics and is a relentless researcher, and continues to develop additional multimedia resources to complement the show, including extensive show notes.

At it's heart, No Agenda specializes in "Media Assassination", reviewing and critiquing media and government reports and looking for the hidden meanings and bringing to light the stories that the mainstream media misses (or supresses).  Topics range from current events to climate change to innoculations, analyzing pop culture and finding the memes represented in it.  Curry and Dvorak have a fantastic chemistry that makes both the most mundane and bizarre topics captivating.

The show also relies on listener (or as they call them, producer) donations for funding, in an effort to remain free of corporate influence, and takes a novel approach to merchandising - listeners are encouraged to develop web sites and products based on No Agenda, with the hope that they will voluntarily share their profits in support of the show.

If you want to hear something different from the same old news that comes from all of the media outlets, and are interested in some deeper analysis of the headlines and the stories that don't make the front page, I urge you to give No Agenda a try - you might learn something and you'll definitely have fun along the way.

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