Monday, February 7, 2011

Detroit Says Yes to Eminem, No to Robocop!

A Robocop statue?  I'd buy that for a dollar!

As we learned last night, while Roethlisberger may have a ways to go on his road to redemption, Eminem is now the spokesperson for Detroit.  Good for Mr. Mathers.

On the other hand, a certain Officer Alex Murphy may not be getting the respect he richly deserves from Motown.  Upon a Twitter suggestion that the city erect a statue of it's most famous fictional character, as Philadelphia has done with Rocky, Detroit Mayor David Bing had this to say:

With leadership like this, it's no wonder the city will fall into complete disorder leaving Omni Consumer Products to come in and corporatize it's police force in the near future.

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  1. This is an outrage. They need to let the citizens of that fine city decide.