Wednesday, February 23, 2011

iPad 2 Presentation on March 2nd - What will be announced?

Official invites went out today for the Apple "special event" scheduled for next week at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco - where the iPad was unveiled in January of 2010. As seen in the image above, it looks like Apple is being pretty upfront about what it will ve unveiling on March 2nd - the long-rumored iPad 2.

While we still have time to dream and wonder, here's what we believe the iPad 2 will probably look like. It is likely to be slimmer and lighter, with a new processor, reportedly Apple's A5, which is also rumored to be the engine for the iPhone 5. At least a front-facing camera for FaceTime and other video-conferencing apps is expected, and many expect a high-resolution rear camera as well. An "uber-speaker" has been postulated, based on leaked case designs. A separate video processor is also expected, leading to speculation that the rear camera and power will add up into a hi-def video capture and editing capability - recent discussion of Final Cut for iPad reinforces this.

There is also a good chance that Apple will announce at least the release date of OSX 10.7 Lion, if not display a feature list.

With Android, Windows, and WebOS tablet competition hitting the market, Apple COO Tim Cook will have some big presenting shoes to fill in Steve Job's absence. There has been recent backlash against Apple's closely-controlled App ecosystem. Apple will need to make some significant strides forward with this product to keep ahead on technology - whether the Apple mystique can compete long-term in a crowded mobile market with huge price pressures is more of a question today than it ever has been before.

Or is this just a sideshow until the iPad 3 "Fall Surprise" hits?

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