Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Life of The Honey Badger - Hilarious Narration by Randall

"Ewww - It's Chasing things and eating them!"

Randall's play-by-play takes animal documentaries to a whole different level!


Thanks to Steph for expanding my horizons with this!

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  1. So You Went Public First, HMMM Buckwheat!
    OK, I'll Save Your E-mails and send them to you in June.
    Since I'll second Chas' comment, Might I suggest you Read the
    Tom Veitch novels: The Luis Armed Story (1978); Eat This! (1974); and Antlers in the Treetops , written with poet Ron Padgett (1970). A collection of his poetry, with an afterword by Allen Ginsberg, titled Death College and Other Poems (1976)