Wednesday, March 2, 2011

iPad 2 Details - Nice Upgrade, Nothing Shocking

The iPad 2 was unveiled today, with an updated dual-core A5 processor, front and rear-facing cameras, and a thinner form factor (even thinner than the iPhone 4!). The biggest and most welcome surprise was the presenter - none other than Steve Jobs, looking fit as ever in his turtleneck. The processor and graphics improvements are supposedly twice as fast, processor-wise, and nine times the graphics capabilities. An update to IOS, version 4.3 was announced as well as the availability of Garage Band and iMovie on the iPad at $4.99 each. The iPad will be available on both AT&T and Verizon networks in different versions for each, as well as two colors - white and black. The addition of cameras will make FaceTime a standard across iPhones, iPads and Macs. A new Apple first-party case as also featured - sorry, Steve says it's not a case, its a cover - a Smart Cover (also available in multiple colors). A $40 cable will allow 1080p output to a television - no word on DRM limits yet. 720p video capture from the rear camera will give you something to edit in iMovie, while the front camera records at VGA resolution for video-conferencing. Units should start shipping on March 11th.

Some of the major rumors that didn't come true - no enhancement of the display, no "uber speaker", no SD Card slot, no high-speed Thunderbolt sync port, no wireless syncing, no free MobileMe service, no 4G support, no early iPhone 5 announcement. Overall, the iPad 2 seems like a maintenance release, keeping pace with the Motorola Xoom and HP Touch Pad. Apple will not be falling behind in the tablet race for the next few months, but they didn't exactly jump ahead either.

I guess we can chalk it up to the hype machine creating unrealistic expectations, but this all seems a little blah. Pricing and battery life will remain the same as the iPad's. The original iPad's have been discounted by $100 - without any huge reason to upgrade, these might be the best deal out there.


  1. I agree with your take, but it's amazing how many don't. Read today's post on Cult of Mac. Yesterday they were preparing their readers for disappointment - today a complete 180.

    It's weird. I really don't have any interest in upgrading. Wait for the IPad 3!

  2. The site IS called "Cult of Mac"...


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