Tuesday, March 29, 2011

BookBook Case for iPad and iPad 2 - Hands On Review

The BookBook Case for the iPad and iPad 2 has the exterior look of a vintage hardcover book, but safely conceals your iPad within.

I was lucky to receive the BookBook case as a gift from my brother (Thanks, John!).  I have been using it for a few weeks now and have been very happy with it.  With an exterior of distressed leather, it is light and does not add much weight to the iPad, and has a soft, but sturdy design that nestles the iPad in, well, iPadding.  It's night and day from the ClamCase, another iPad case I recently reviewed.

Viewing the BookBook from the front, back and spine, you would have trouble discerning it from another aged hardback.  BookBook's decidedly low-tech approach is simple, easy to use and meets all of the needs of a good iPad case and stand.  The most modern element is the zipper which seals it closed.  The iPad is held in place by two leather corners which avoid obscuring the display or any controls, while an elastic band across the top hold the iPad in place.  Unlike many other cases, it is easy to take your iPad out and then to "re-bookify" it.  There is a leather strap and button system which can be used to set the case in a landscape or portrait stand mode, or to hold the case completely open in full tablet style (demo in the video below).

The BookBook is a great conversation piece, an interesting juxtaposition of the classic and modern, and in general a very nice solution for carrying, protecting and using your iPad.  Another nice feature of the flexible design, it is compatible with both the iPad and iPad 2 (and unless things change radically, probably will fit the iPad 3, too).  At under $70 with free shipping, it's definitely worth checking out at Twelve South Products.


  1. This thing is awesome looking! I got a handmade wooden case for my iPad 2 from etsy but it's portability function is lacking. I think I might get one myself.

  2. anyone have an ipad2 in this yet? how is it fitting since I have read some of the ipad 1 is a little loose? I would like to buy one but I want to read something from someone that has used it with their ipad2, thanks.

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