Sunday, March 6, 2011

Charlie Sheen Live Webcast, Twitter Battle with Roger Ebert, Tiger Blood Thundercat!

Charlie Sheen has been flexing his media muscles this week, fueled by tiger blood, Adonis DNA and Marlboro Lights - in his latest move, he has broadcast a live video show on UStream called "Sheen's Korner":

Video streaming by Ustream

As the tagline says - "you're either in Sheen's Korner, or with the trolls". Segments include "People Who Wish They Were Me Forever" (such as Dr. Drew Pinsky), and "I Kinda Wish I Were Them For Ten Minutes", which included Colin Farrell, Sean Penn and Giants pitcher Brian Wilson. There was also an installment of "Winning News", and the unveiling of a "Winning" tatoo on Sheen's wrist. The show was very rough around the edges, but it sounds as if it may be back on a regular basis.

Never one to miss a new media moment, Mark Cuban has announced that he is in negotiations with Charlie Sheen, who may be doing a new TV series for Cuban's HDnet channel. Meanwhile, the Vatican Warlock Assassin himself claims that HBO is pursuing him for a series and told Access Hollywood on Friday that he is headed for Haiti with Sean Penn to do relief work.

Sheen's self-publishing mastery is further evident on Twitter, where he has picked up over a million followers this week, and he had a nice little interchange with Rogert Ebert today:

Rounding out the Charlie Sheen updates, here's a sketch by J. Scott Campbell which envisions what happens when the tiger blood brings out the Thundercat:


  1. Everybody is talking about Charlie Sheen on Twitter. Join the conversation.

  2. Charlie Sheen is doing his best again to steal the attention of many with his Live Webcast. Funny as t may seem, he even used the webcast to promote products. He also turn to his usual ranting to people he do not like. Look at the story here