Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's now scientic fact - Guinness tastes better in Ireland.

Science has reported in on what Guinness drinkers have been saying for years - Guinness tastes better in Ireland.

Science Daily has a report on a study from the Journal of Food Sciences which says that "Over a period of one year, four researchers of different nationalities traveled to 14 countries and visited 71 Guinness serving establishments in 33 cities to collect data for 103 tastings. Tasting scores for pints of Guinness were generally high all around the world, yet tastings in pubs in Ireland scored significantly higher."

I had heard that Guinness in Ireland is not pasteurized as it is served fresh and this contributes to the difference, as well as the possibility that alcohol levels differ between the Irish Guiness and that made for export. There's a legend that there are a couple of pubs in NYC that fly in fresh kegs from the Old Sod on a daily basis for truly Irish pints - I have yet to find them, but the search continues!

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