Saturday, March 12, 2011

SoundNote - iPad App of the Week

SoundNote is an outstanding note-taking app for the iPad. It has a similar, intuitive interface to Apple's Journal App, but adds many capabilities.

As the name implies, one of SoundNote's greatest features is to capture audio as you are taking notes. It also syncs your written notes to the audio, so that when you review your notes, you can select the audio portion that goes along with each written note. This is extremely powerful, and useful for meeting notes and minutes, recording lectures, and capturing presentations. It is ideal for interviews, as well.

SoundNote also adds the ability to make simple sketches within notes, and the complete note, audio and sketches can be e-mailed or sync to your desktop.

Like Journal, each note page has a title, and you can scroll through these. There is also a search function which is very useful.

SoundHound is available from the Apple App Store for a very reasonable $4.99 - you'll have your money's worth after just a couple of uses. Give it a try!

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