Monday, March 14, 2011

Hacking Times Square Video Screens? What do you think?

The Momentum blog has posted a video showing the use of a device which supposedly allows the user to transmit video any video screen. I have several doubts about the validity of this - check it out:

First off, the device appears to be plugged into the iPhone's headphone port. This port does not have the capability to transmit video, so unless he completely rebuilt his iPhone, that part seems doubtful.

Second, the "repeater" is very small and does not appear to have an antenna or battery large than that of a watch. Without significant power and a way to direct the transmission, it seems highly suspect that this device can take over the video signal of "any screen", especially one of the largest and most likely best shielded screens in the world.

Third, in the first two demonstrations, the syncing is off - the first, the screen on the bus stand, has the video on the screen slightly ahead of the video on the iPhone - the second, the video on the screen lags slightly behind the phone. Lagging slightly behind is believeable, but how could the transmitted video be AHEAD of the the player transmitting it?

It's a really cool video either way, but I am just not buying it. Any thoughts?

Update 3/17/2011 - Sure enough, it was a "viral marketing campaign" for the movie "Limitless":

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